ALLAND ethno fashion store.

First ethno fashion project in Ukraine.

     ALLAND is a land above the water. There is an ancient legend. Many years ago, Dnieper used to be a big water – real sea. When Apostle Andrew erected the cross on the place when in time St. Andrew’s Church was constructed, big water went under the ground and spring of life opened up under the altar of the church.  The legend has it that when the first bells ring on St. Andrew’s Church, big water will come out and will flood the entire Kyiv. St. Andrew's Church until this time stands majestically on the hills of St. Andrew’s Descent, guarding with its bells’ silence our ancient city. Right there, on St. Andrew’s Descen, first ethno fashion store АLLAND is located.   

    Michael Lipakov   about project                                                                                   

     «ALLAND is a contemporary ethno fashion space, which represents tailor-made capsular ethno collections from the leading Ukrainian designers.  Ethno collections of women, men and children’s clothing are presented on two floors of the concept store that possesses additional third floor with lounge zone in the open air and a separate parking area for clients’ cars. Shoes, accessories and jewelry as well as designer tankards and towels with hand-made embroidery are also on offer in our store. Our project is developed to convey to the modern society catholicity and relevance of the Ukrainian ethno. Our team and me personally always look forward to meeting with each  of you».